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The New Standard
in Digital Therapeutics

View the next generation therapeutics

Experience a novel digital psychotherapy

We are in need for more effective and innovative digital therapeutics as the global healthcare landscape is changing.

The new digital treatment solution is developed by our team of experts in both software development and clinical psychology.


Optimized for mobile

Patient care and monitoring enabled regardless of location and time.


AI and Big Data Technologies

We offer a personalized assessment and therapy solution using AI technologies to better analyze patient data.


Effective next generation psychotherapy

We provide a software solution that eliminates limitations that exist in conventional therapy approaches.


Proven effectiveness through clinical validation 

We plan to ensure non-inferiority of our digital therapeutic intervention to the conventional therapy methods through robust clinical validation.

We make digital therapeutics, not digital medicine

DTA(Digital Therapeutics Alliance) differentiates digital therapeutics from digital medicine as they have varying requirements for clinical evidence and regulatory oversight. Digital therapeutics are expected to acquire higher levels of evidence and oversight since they make higher risk claims.

Our team of experts from both software development and medical industry backgrounds got together to build the next generation of digital therapeutic interventions. Here, we apply our years of clinical and medical experiences to build effective digital therapeutics with strong global compliance, and we aim to make them available to patients around the World.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years of clinical experiences


product pipelines


App. development experiences




Products developed

Are you ready to experience the next generation of digital therapeutics?

In the field of mental health, digital therapeutics is the new revolution. Digital therapeutics can offer quality therapy solutions without the confinement of time and space. Start your treatment journey with us and experience the new paradigm yourself.

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